Leisure activities

in the region

Visit the only zoo in Tessin!

The zoo al Maglio in Magliaso is just a few minutes walk away from our hotel and worthwhile a visit …

In a narrow valley along the river Magliasina and between palm trees is the zoo al Maglio. Dive into a magic world calling forth all your senses …

The wonderful colours of the birds, the flowers´ fragrance, the refined shell of the tortoise, the strange skin of the pot belly swines, the fur of the miniature goats, the singsong of the Kapuzine monkeys etc.

Family attraction, romantic walk for lovers or just a relaxing walk: this is just the place to go.

On approx. 22´000m2 there are over 100 different animals of all the world:
Lions, winter leopard, panther, serval, racoons, wallabies, red-faced makakies, Kapuzine monkeys, pot belly swines, water birds, tortoises, African goats, parrots, etc.