Program and special weeks

for Paladina guests

In-depth program

Salve dear Paladina guest

Beside wonderful culinary specialities we offer our guests a fantastic program: biking, drawing, massages, children´s program, grape harvest with hotel vintner, hiking etc. Moreover our daily inspirationals welcome you to new horizons in mind, soul and spirit.

We wish you heaven on earth – or at least of foretaste of it – here at Paladina. Christian holidays with heavenly perspectives – hotel Paladina in Pura.

Your Paladina-Team

Overview year’s program (in German)

Gott hilft !

Paladina´s guests can profit from outstanding Christian lectures taking place in our seminary room. Most of them are for free, as they are sponsored by our co-workers, our speakers or our social educational foundation “Gott hilft” (God helps)


Three times a year we inform about offers, seminars and other exciting topics.

We would be delighted if we could stay in touch with you.