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Wine Cellar in Paladina


Some hundred years ago, the Merlot grapes captured the Ticino to start its prosperous way to todays popularity as number one grape for the typical Ticino Merlot wines. The southern part of Switzerland primes with records in hours of sunshine. Rain, when it arrives, comes  usually down in the form of torrential rainfalls, calling on the winemakers to prevent damage on the stony soils of Sopraceneri and the fertile soils of Sottoceneri.

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Our wine cellar in the hotel Paladina

We are proud of a select choice of fine wine stored in our cellar.

Now and then or on request our hotel director, Mario Mosimann, gives you a tour around the wine cellar. It is always a nice setting for good conversations and you can try and taste various quality wines from Italy and the region.

It is always good fun!